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Yang Mai 
Lives and works in New York
​Yang Mai’s work focuses on the possible functions
that clothing can have in sculpture and how to articulate these possibilities in the language of gallery installation. By removing commercial seriousness from industrial and introducing playful or exaggerated features, his work hopes to encourage and celebrate our rebellious human nature and establish alternative symbolizations of the present reality.

Mai has been awarded the National Endowment for the Arts Award in 2021. He was featured in solo exhibitions titled "好!(SAY-SO)" at Three Shadows Art Centre, Beijing in 2023; "怀抱 (Hold Me in Your Arms)" at National Agriculture Exhib. Center, Beijing in 2021; "如果我能说 (If I May Say)" at COMMON PLACE, Beijing in 2021-22; "Good Morning, China! (早上好,中国!)" at CUE Art Foundation, New York in 2020, which traveled to ChaShaMa, New York in 2021; "Made in China" at ChaShaMa Art Organization, New York, in 2017.

His work has been presented at Artsy Foundations Fair, US, 2023; Li Tang Gallery, New York, 2023; 201 Art Space, Beijing, 2021; Taihe Art Center, Beijing, 2021; LATITUDE Gallery, New York, 2020; New York Fashion Week, 2018-19; Art Miami Fair, 2018; The 2016 Design Show, Chicago; Sage Studio, Chicago, 2016.His work was mentioned in
The New York TimesArtnet, Artforum, Contemporary Art Daily, Vogue, and more. 

Mai holds a Master degree from the School of Art Institute of Chicago, and a Bachelor degree from the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.

麦扬 (Yang Mai)
2021年获得National Endowment for the Arts美国国家艺术基⾦会奖。

他的近期个⼈展览举办于:三影堂艺术中心(北京,2023)、全国农业展览馆(北京,2021)、COMMON PLACE(北京,2021-22)、CUE美术馆(纽约,2020)、ChaShaMa美术馆(纽约,2021,2017)等。

他参与过的展览包括:Artsy Foundations艺博会(美国,2023)、Li Tang画廊(纽约,2023)、太和艺术中心(北京,2021),二0一空间(北京,2021),Latitude画廊(纽约,2020),纽约时装周(纽约,2018-19),纽约艺术博览会(纽约,2018),迈阿密艺术博览会(迈阿密,2018),MC画廊(纽约,2018),芝加哥设计展(芝加哥,2016)等。



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